Bill Higgins, Managing Director

Bill Higgins founded MindWare Inc. over 20 years ago to provide professional consultation services related to all aspects of performance management and personnel development. He utilizes a variety of means of communication, information distribution, and education to address these needs.

He founded MindWare Publishing more than five years ago as the publication and distribution arm of MindWare Inc. MindWare Publishing focuses on producing professional resources for personal and business use to enhance effectiveness, life balance, and creative expression.

MindWare Publishing does this by providing the following product areas:

  • Games: a series of games to enhance understanding of life in emerging market countries
  • Publications: insightful publications to enhance business and corporate effectiveness
  • Photos: visual images of our world to stimulate thought and fascination
  • Resources: creative materials that will bring life to the classroom

Bill received his B.A. degree from Biola University, and his M.A. degree from Talbot Graduate School. After graduation Bill worked for approximately 10 years in the non-profit arena and then in Training management for such industry leading organizations as Metmor Financial, Countrywide Funding, Regence BlueShield, and World Vision.


American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)
Lifetime Teaching Credential – California Community Colleges
Zenger-Miller certified – “FrontLine Leadership”
Covey certified – “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
Myers Briggs certified – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Performax certified – Personal Profile System (DiSC)


A series of non-competitive educational board games designed to acquaint
players with what life is like in the countries represented:

  • Footsteps in Brazil
  • Footsteps in Russia
  • Footsteps in India
  • Footsteps in China


  • Making the Most of the Footsteps Experience, Facilitator’s Guide, MindWare Publishing, 2007
  • The Last Job Search Manual You Will Ever Need, MindWare Publishing, 2005
  • 25 No Cost, Low Cost Marketing Techniques, MindWare Publishing, 2005
  • Is Entrepreneurship Right For You?, MindWare Publishing, 2003
  • Avoiding Wrongful Termination Lawsuits, MindWare Publishing, 2000
  • Numerous technical, proprietary publications for internal consumption