Footsteps Curriculum Resource Pak

Four games boxes 1 inch 12-27

The curriculum resource pak for the Footsteps game includes all the pieces required for a class size of up to 24 students.

NOTE: For classes larger than 24, order additional single copies of the games of your choice calculating 6 players per game.

The Footsteps curriculum pak includes:

* Four games of your choosing. You can order all four the same or any combination of games. Select from: Footsteps in Brazil, Footsteps in Russia, Footsteps in India, and Footsteps in China.

* Making the Most of the Footsteps Experience, a 50 page Training-at-a-Glance / Facilitator’s Guide for using the Footsteps games to their fullest advantage and incorporating it into an 8- or 16-hour workshop. Included are; a minute-by-minute plan for facilitating the workshops, a class setup checklist, templates for posters, and more.

* Getting Under the Skin of Emerging Market Countries, a Facilitator’s Guide / Participnt’s Workbook for an 8-hour and a 16-hour workshop based on the game, including; facilitator notes, participant exercises, participant note sheets, income distribution resources, country fact sheets, lifestyle case studies, business case studies, country resources,  and more.

* A 200+ page Resource Guide to supplement the other materials and provide additional resources for using the Footsteps games and facilitating discussions. Included are; the original references to resources used to develop the games, discussion questions for various settings, country fact sheets beyond the BRIC countries, technology case studies, purchsing power parity (PPP) informaiton, and more.

* Over 20 creative post-game research and discussion resources to continue the learning initiated during the game

* A storage case for easy carrying and storing of all the resources

* A copy of the book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid by J.K. Prahalad and accompanying DVD of video clips

* A copy of the book Giving by ex-President Bill Clinton

* A copy of the book The Hole in Our Gospel by Rich Stearns

You get all this for an investment of $497.49 + Shipping & Handling

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