About Us

PuzzleManBlogMindWare Publishing is the publishing and distribution arm of MindWare Incorporated. MindWare has been authoring and distributing publications to clients, colleagues, and friends for over 12 years.

Mindware Inc. is a performance development, consulting, and publishing organization. We have had the opportunity to work with non-profit and for-profit clients for over 20 years. Our mission is to help clients address performance issues that impact their effectiveness and profitability.

The Team

Bill Higgins, Managing Director
A guru of instructional technologies, Bill brings training and documentation to life.

Prem Kumar, Indian Content and Marketing Associate
A force for change in Indian relations and organizational dynamics.

Lee Joyce, Brazilian Content and Process Improvement Associate
A dynamo for process improvement and training effectiveness.

We Partner With You

In today’s uncertain economic times, it is crucial for all organizations to be able to maximize their employee performance potential. This full-service performance development portfolio enables you to address your training, communication, incentives, and documentation needs using one service provider.

MindWare Publishing partners with you to provide:

  • non-competitive educational games
  • publications to enhance your personal life and add to the effectiveness of your business
  • a variety of professional photographs for personal and business utilization
  • curriculum resources to add creativity to your classroom and online learning experience


Our Philosophy

MindWare Publishing’s philosophy is simple, engage the senses of the learner and you will find that retention is enhanced, enjoyment is heightened, and interaction with the material and other learners is a natural by-product.


All of our products are designed with this philosophy in mind.

Out series of Footsteps games for example, are designed to engage the learner with life in emerging market countries by enabling them to experience vicariously the activities, events, and circumstances that people living in those countries might experience. The full range of emotions may be experience, and the learning intense as players identify with their alter-egos.

We Deliver

MindWare Publishing delivers products that can be used over and over because each experience is unique and the learning associated with it varied by the players themselves, as well as the circumstances surrounding the experience.

Whether you are heavily involved in emerging market countries, or considering doing business there for the first time, you will find these resources to be highly valuable components of your overall curriculum to ready individuals in your business to engage with those in the countries where you will establish a presence.

MindWare also offers a variety of resources for your use and for the enhancement of your organization. You can click on the Resources page to access these free resources.