Creative Resources

Resources_695_transparentOur creative resources provide the means for you and your business to do a better job of wht you do. We want to make your job easier, and assist you in attracting attention so that you may grow.

Our curriculum resources are intended to enhance the challenging job teachers perform in the classroom. Every day they must find a way to challenge, encourage, inspire, motivate and move their students to learn…and that is no easy task.

Our website resources provide a stepping stone to enhancing your online presence. You can have a professional website that accomplishes what you need it to, and attracts the attention of the viewing public.

We hope that the resources you find here will aid in that endeavor. Hopefully these will also inspire your own creativity and resourcefulness to continue learning.

Additional resources will be added in the months to come, so visit MindWare Publishing frequently to see what new resources have been added.

Footsteps Curriculum Resources

Jeopardy Style Resource

Website Resources