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Marsha Randolph
No Ways Tired
November 27, 2012

“WOW!  I am so impressed with Your Road to Damascus. This book isn’t only about how to find a job, but it’s a book on the journey a person takes on the road to finding purpose as it relates to a career. I believe this is the book that will help the reader discover what his or her God given purpose is.”


Ruth Hill
My Devotional Thoughts
February 4, 2013

“This book tackles the issues of finding a job based on Biblical models. The author really makes you think through each part of the job search, and his examples are some of the best ones I have ever seen. He has compiled a book that I think I’m going to hold onto for the next time I find myself going to a job interview.”


Vic’s Media room
February 1, 2013

“Your Road to Damascus will capture your imagination and transform the way you view a job loss. It will revolutionize the way you see God’s involvement in this aspect of your life, as well as how He touches many other crisis points.”


The Reader’s Favorite
April 2013

” “Your Road to Damascus” by William Higgins has been one of the most inspiring and motivating books I have read of late and deserves five star rating.”


The Academy of Cybertoria
April 2013

“This single volume contains everything that is needed for the entire job seeking process.  This book is so extensive that it is a complete curriculum in of itself.”