Norman O’Banyon’s Books

Norman O’Banyon: Retired Clergy and Caribbean charter skipper
Norman O’Banyon’s inspirational novels entertain and inspire thoughtful contemplation in real-world settings. The stories provide mental stimulation for personal spiritual growth.

Tomorrow’s Memories: A journey of personal discovery in British Columbia’s Desolation Sound where you might find a balance of inspiration and adventure, with a touch of romance to make it complete.
Passage to Peace: Experience the profound discovery of forgiveness and inner healing with exercises that bring an inner peace, and an attitude of positive joy in the ports of call of the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands.
No Longer Guilty: Follow the path of a little girl who goes from innocence to confusion, to resentment, and finally finds her way to spiritual fulfillment.
Caribbean Treasures: Explore gracious cruising sites through the British Virgin Islands and rediscover some of those life lessons that brighten any relationship.


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