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    Non-Competitive Games

    Non-competitive, challenging and insightful games that will engage participants and lead them to discover what life is like in emerging market countries.

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    Insightful Publications

    A variety of books and publications for personal and business use that provide insight, challenge, inspiration and resources that will make you more productive and life more meaningful.

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    Fascinating Photographs

    Photographs from around the world that will add beauty to your life, inspire your creativity, and engage your emotions.

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    Creative Resources

    Professional educational resources to make your classroom, workshop, writing, and other learning endeavors more effective and more engaging for learners.

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MindWare Publishing helps increase employee productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, morale, and teamwork by publishing and distributing insightful and challenging publications and other resources; all of which lead to increased profitability.

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MindWare Inc., our parent company, is eager to be your performance improvement partner.

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“These games are a great resource! These games are valuable to students because they are thrust into someone else’s shoes and can take a walk in them for a while.”

Link Crew Coordinator, IL, Hartland High School, IL